Shibuya (しぶや/渋谷) is a busy area in Tokyo famous for youth fashion and the busiest road crossing you will ever see.  It’s one of the main clubbing, shopping and entertainment areas in Tokyo.

Budget travel tips

  • If you are tight on time, combine Shibuya with an interesting walk to Harajuku station.  There are plenty of interesting streets and shops along the way.

  • While walking around, check out the department stores for free galleries and events.

  • Stay at a cheap love hotel!

Things to do

Shibuya crossing

Every few minutes thousands of people cross this famous spot. Make sure you bring a camera!

Shibuya 109

Worth a walk around to see what is hot and what is not in the world of youth fashion.  Staff are very friendly and will help you out if don’t know what things are!

Center Gai

A busy shopping street just outside the station. Center Gai is full of game arcades, fast food restaurants, fashion boutiques and bars.

Tokyu Hands

Full of crazy, strange Japanese goods for you to laugh at and enjoy.  Back scratchers, weird massage chairs, crazy robot toys…..  Great for souvenirs and any novelties you want to take home.

Tokyu Food Show

Under the station, on the basement flow you can find this treasure chest of Japanese food.  With countless stalls, you can spend a lots of time wandering around.  Make use of the free samples as well!


The famous statue and meeting point in Shibuya.  After his owner died, a dog called Hachiko came to the station everyday to meet his owner.  The dog became famous and this statue was made in dedication to him.

Shibuya Hikarie

A new department store with modern shops, restaurants and a nice food area.  Like Food Show, there are lots of free samples to try before you buy.

Love hotel hill

As many Japanese people still live with their family, they need love hotels for a bit of privacy.  This area is full of these hotels offering rooms for very cheap prices.

Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Budget hotel from the most well known monthly guesthouse company in Japan.  The cafe is a great place to meet people and get some travel advice.  Check prices at

Capsule and Sauna Century Shibuya (Men only)

Cheap capsule hotel right in the centre of Shibuya, near the station. Check prices at

Apart from love hotels and internet cafes, Shibuya is rather expensive, so it’s best to try something in Shinjuku.

Compare prices at

Japan Accommodation Guide

How to get there

From Shinjuku station, take the JR Yamanote line to Shibuya station (6 mins, 150 yen).

From Tokyo station, take the JR Yamanote line to Shibuya station (24 mins, 190 yen).


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