Yokohama (よこはま/横浜) is the second largest city in Japan and only 30 minutes from Tokyo. The city has a rich history of foreign culture and trade, and is really worth a day trip from Tokyo.

Top tips

  • It’s possible to spend most of your time just walking around, as it’s such an interesting city.  Get a free tourist map from the main JR Yokohama station Tourist Office.

  • Stay away from tourist prices in Chinatown and around the bay.  Cheaper food can be found nearby train stations.

Points of interest

Cupnoodles Museum

A strange but wonderful museum.  A history of noodles, world noodle food court, strange noodle-based art and an area to make your own custom noodles.  A real ‘only in Japan’ experience.

Open: 10 AM to 6 PM

Price: Adults 500 yen, Children free


One of the world’s largest Chinatowns.  Try some of the snacks available at the stalls, but avoid going to the restaurants here as they charge tourist prices.

Check the map for a walking guide.



A nice area featuring lots of interesting buildings, parks and churches.  Feels like a mix between Japan and Europe.

Check the map for a walking guide.

Yamashita Park (FREE)

Walking along this park and onto the pier is a great way to see this city.  In the summer there are usually events here every week.

Check the map for a walking guide.

kirinKirin Beer museum (FREE)

A free tour and free beers!  What more would you want?  It’s best to get reservation beforehand (ask your hostel or hotel to do this if you don’t speak Japanese)

How to get there

From Shibuya station, take the Tokyu Toyoko line (private line), AKA Fukutoshin line (brown Metro line) to Yokohama station (33 mins, 260 yen).

How to get around

The Yokohama-Minatomirai Pass or Minatomirai Line One Day Pass are cheap ways to get around Yokohama.

Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

Hayashi Kaikan (Yokohama Hostel Village)

Probably the cheapest place to stay in Yokohama.  Hardly the Ritz, but you can’t argue with these prices!  Check prices at

Hostel Zen

Another well known hostel, which is smaller than others and seems to have a nice, friendly atmosphere.  Check prices at

Yokohama Isezakicho Washington Hotel

Budget hotel rooms, often at hostel prices.  A lot more private than Hayashi Kaikan. Check prices at

Compare prices at

Want to recommend a good place?  Please contact us!


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