Top 5 Places for a Cheap Bento

A great way to cheaply try lots of different types of Japanese food is to visit a bento (Japanese lunch box) shop.  Avoid the expensive train station bento shops, and try these!  You will find the below in almost any area of Japan.

5. Tenya 天丼てんや

Tenya offers a wide selection of cheap tempura (deep-fried fish and vegatables) dishes.


4. Hotto Motto ほっともっと

A great bento shop, offering all sorts of food.


3. Any Convenience store

Throughout the day convenience stores will have bento boxes for a little as 310 yen.  Most types of Japanese food are covered, from curries to noodles.


2. Supermarkets in the evening

Make your way to a supermarket in the evening and you will see a bunch of heavily discounted bento boxes, such as sushi boxes.  They will still be delicious, so get there before everyone else!


1. Origin Bento オリジン弁当

The king of cheap bento boxes.  Many items only cost 390 yen, and there are often special discounts. Most are rice based bento boxes.


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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict