Tokyo City Walk: Imperial Palace to Shibuya

A nice city walk from the political heart of Tokyo, via the swish neighbourhoods of Akasaka and Roppongi, then ending up in the hip areas of Harajuku and ShibuyaCan be used as a cycling route as well.

Walking time: 3-4 hours

  1. Go to Sakuradamon station on the Yurakucho line (yellow Metro line) and leave from exit 2.
  2. Turn left and walk towards the Parliament Building.  SAM_7082
  3. When you get to the Parliament Building, walk around it to the right.SAM_7083
  4. Keep walking around the Parliament Building, making two left turns to end up on the back side.
  5. Walk on the right side of the road, then take the first road to your right.SAM_7092
  6. Keep on walking straight down the hill, then go around the shrine.  It is worth having a look inside, as it’s rather spectacular.
  7. You then arrive at a gate.  Walk under it and then walk straight across the road and into the shopping streets.SAM_7102
  8. Walk straight through the shopping streets, then take the 3rd narrow shopping street to the left. SAM_7103
  9. Turn right at the next intersection.SAM_7105
  10. Walk straight along this main road.
  11. Stay on the left when you get to a little garden as the road splits.SAM_7106
  12.  Turn left before the tunnel.SAM_7107
  13. Then left again when you are at the top of the slope.SAM_7108
  14. Continue walking until you see a park on your left (part of Tokyo Midtown).
  15. Take a right turn.SAM_7109
  16. Walk down the slope, around the New National Art Center and school, then under the express way and along the road.SAM_7110
  17. When you get to the intersection, cross the road  directly ahead, to Aoyama Cemetery (青山霊園).SAM_7111
  18. Take the right turn into Aoyama Cemetery.  SAM_7112
  19. Walk straight down.  Feel free to explore this area, there are lots of interesting monuments and gravestones.
  20. When you reach the next road, turn left.SAM_7113
  21. Walk straight down this road.
  22. Turn right at the intersection a few minutes after leaving Aoyama Cemetery.SAM_7114
  23. Continue to walk straight, through the wide Ometesando (表参道) shopping streets, all the way to Harajuku.
  24. You will eventually end up at Harajuku station (原宿駅).
  25. Turn left when you arrive at the station.SAM_7117
  26. Then go over the bridge.SAM_7119
  27. After the bridge turn left and go around the park.  The route does not enter the park.  But feel free to have a look inside Meiji Jingu or Yoyogi Park along the way.
  28. Take the next right turn, then go past the stairs of the overhead pass.SAM_7120
  29. Continue past the National Gymnasium (第一体育館).
  30. Cross the road at the next crossing.  You should see a wide pedestrian street on the other side.SAM_7121
  31. Walk down the wide pedestrian street.  On the weekends there may be events here.SAM_7124
  32. When you get to the end of the wide pedestrian street, keep on walking straight.  This will take you to Shibuya (渋谷駅)
  33. Keep on walking, past the Gap and bright gold Miu Miu stores.SAM_7125
  34. Continue walking and you will arrive in central Shibuya!SAM_7126

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict