Top Capsule Hotels In Tokyo

Want to try out a capsule hotel while on holiday in Japan? We have some great recommendations. Also, check out our capsule hotel first experience post.

Most people don’t book a capsule, as there are usually many available.  But if you are worried, just go to the capsule hotels with an English booking system.oriental

Oriental Passage Ueno (men only)

A modern, reasonably priced capsule hotel.  Right in the heart of Ueno, with small but relaxing spa.

Price: 3000 yen

Location: Ueno

Booking: On the day is best

oedo_smallOedo Onsen

Oedo Hot Spring has a ‘cabin’ hotel.  Not as private as a capsule hotel, but nicer than staying at an internet cafe.

Price: 3680 yen

Location: Odaiba

Booking: On the day or Japanese website green_shink

Green Plaza Shinjuku (men only)

A well known capsule hotel right in the center of Shinjuku.  Great location and good English support.  Also includes a modern spa.

Price: 3500 yen

Location: Shinjuku

Booking: On the day or on the official site asakusa-capsule

Capsule Hotel Asakusa River Side

A very cheap capsule hotel with English support, right next to Asakusa station.

Price: 2000 yen

Location: Asakusa

Booking: On the day or on the official site capsule_value

Capsulevalue Kanda (men only)

A new capsule hotel near Akihabara with some great prices.  Features a small bath (shared with others).

Price: 2100 yen

Location: Kanda, near Akihabara



First Cabin Akihabara

A classy capsule hotel with something that nearly resembles a room!

Price: 5800 yen

Location: Akihabara


Know of another good capsule hotel? Please contact us!


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