Free Meat! Tokyo Meat Market Festival!

The Tokyo Meat Market, near Shinagawa and Sengakuji Temple is a yearly festival dedicated to meat. The best thing about this festival is all the FREE meat they give out!  Today I had Shabu Shabu pork (very soft and tender) and pork Katsu (cutlet) for the grand total of 0 yen.  Also on offer was free Motsu (giblets) and Gyuuniku (beef).


 Apart from all the free food, there are plenty of stalls selling all sorts of meats to buy.


Traditional Japanese music while you fill your belly with meat!


Some spicy beef on rice.  Large size was free, of course.


The line for free Shabu Shabu pork.  While it looks long, it only took 10 minutes to get my meat!


People taking their free food.  Service was very quick.


Katsu pork cultet.  Ran out just after I lined up, so its best to get there early.  A great, meaty day!

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict