Tokyo City Walk: East Tokyo Historical Walk

A nice route through the quiet, but traditional side of Tokyo.  This route takes you from Kiyosumi Garden and Fukugawa Edo Museum, via traditional neighborhoods, to Sumida river and the Edo-Tokyo museum. Can be used as a cycling route as well.

Walking time: 3-4 hours

  1. Go to Monzen-nakacho Station on the Oedo Line (purple Metro line) or Tozai Line (light blue Metro line).  Leave from Exit 5.
  2. When you come out turn around, then walk around the corner of the MUFJ bank.SAM_7300
  3. Walk along the road until you get to the big red gate on your left.  Walk through the gate and down the road.SAM_7302
  4. Check out the traditional shops, restaurants and the massive temple!  Have a look inside if it’s open.
  5. When you are done, take a right at the entrance to the temple.SAM_7315
  6. Have a look in the shrine at the end of the road, then take a left.SAM_7317
  7. Walk down this road, going under the express way.SAM_7323
  8. Keep on going forward when you get to the crossing with the Minimart convenience store.SAM_7324
  9. Walk down this road, going over the bridge.
  10. At the second traffic lights after the bridge, town right.SAM_7325
  11. You will see this strange statue as you go around the corner.SAM_7327
  12. Keep on walking until you get to a bridge going over a long garden.
  13. Go down the garden to the left.  Though it’s worth checking out the other parts of the garden if you like it.SAM_7329
  14. When you get to the end, turn left.SAM_7331
  15. Walk on your right until you get to the traffic lights, then turn right.SAM_7333
  16. Walk down until you get to the second set of traffic lights next to the Daily Yamazaki convenience store.
  17. Turn left and walk down this road.SAM_7334
  18. You will pass the Fukugawa Edo Museum (深川江戸資料館) after a few minutes.  Go inside if you want to!SAM_7335
  19. Continue down the road, then take a right at the end.SAM_7337
  20. Cross the road, and take a left around the Kiyosumi Garden (清澄庭園).SAM_7338
  21. Walk down this road.  The entrance to Kiyosumi Garden is a minute down the road, on your left.SAM_7339
  22. When you are done with the garden, continue down the road.
  23. Continue past the high school on the right and free public garden on the left.
  24. Take a right when you get to the end of the public garden.SAM_7340
  25. Keep on going forward at the crossroads.SAM_7341
  26. Continue down this road, going over a green bridge.
  27. When you get to the end of the bridge, go down the stairs and walk along the river.SAM_7342
  28. Just before the first bridge, take a right town up the stairs.SAM_7345
  29. Walk down to the main road.
  30. Take a left at the first traffic lights on the main road.SAM_7347
  31. At the next traffic lights, take a right turn around the dry cleaners.SAM_7348
  32. Then take a left immediately after that.SAM_7349
  33. Continue straight down this road, going over a bridge.  Turn left at the petrol station.SAM_7352
  34. Walk down the wide road, staying on the left side.  You will see a gate to a shrine on the left. Go in and have a look!SAM_7354
  35. Come back out of the shrine area.  Opposite the gate is a wide road.  Go down this and you will end up at Ryogoku station (両国駅).  Check out the Edo-Tokyo museum if you have time (see map in the station).
  36. Continue down the road, under the tracks and past the Sumo statium.
  37. You will see the entrance to the Former Yasuda Garden (旧安田庭園).  Go inside!  It’s free!SAM_7358
  38. Walk around the pond and come out of the opposite entrance.
  39. Cross the road diagonally and enter the garden.
  40. Check out the huge building inside the garden.SAM_7371
  41. Now make your way back to Ryogoku station (両国駅), which you walked past earlier.

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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict