Nanzen-ji Temple

Designated a Monument of Japan, because of its beauty, Nanzen-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple complex at the start/end of the famous Philosopher’s Walk.

Budget travel tips

  • Combine this with a trip to Ginkaku-ji Temple, via the Philosopher’s Walk.  This should provide for a whole afternoon/morning’s sightseeing.
  • Most of the temples in this complex have a charge, so just choose one or two.  We recommend Nanzenin and the Hojo Rock Garden. Also have a walk around as you travel here, to see a few smaller, free shrines.

How to get there

From Kyoto station, take the No.5 bus to Nanzenji, Eikando-michi.

From other areas, take a bus to bus to Nanzenji, Eikando-michi (large bus stop on bus maps).


Opening time: 8:40 to 5pm.

Cost: 300-500 yen per area.


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Published by Matthew Baxter

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