Nishiki Market

An interesting downtown market near to Kyoto station.  Nishiki Market is known as a place to find Kyoto’s most famous fish, snacks and other various goods.

 Budget travel tips

  • Walk down the recommended route on the map below.
  • Prices can be reasonable, but look around before purchasing as there is much on offer.

How to get there

From Kyoto station, take the Karasuma line (Kyoto subway)  to Shijo station (210 yen, 3 minutes).  By bus, take the No. 5 or 57 bus to Shijo-Karasuma.  It’s not that far from Kyoto station, and is about 30 minutes walk north up Karasuma Dori street.

From other locations, take the bus to Shijo-Karasuma.


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Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

Khaosan Kyoto Guest House and Khaosan Kyoto Theater

Khaosan have a load of hostels in Tokyo, and their Kyoto hostels are solid hostel experiences. Expect polite, excitable staff and really good prices.

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