Tokyo Love Hotel Guide


There are lots of areas to stay at or you can just walk around love hotels in Tokyo.  Before visiting one, check our Love Hotel Guide for how to get a room.

Recommended Areas in Tokyo

Shibuya Love Hotel Hill – The largest collection and great just to walk around.

Shinjuku Kabukicho Love Hotel Area – Another large collection of love hotels.

Uguisudani Love Hotel Area – Reasonable collection in east Tokyo.

Ueno Love Hotel Area – A bit spread out, but an interesting red light district worth a walk around.

Ikebukuro Love Hotel Area – Reasonable collection, but not as interesting as Shibuya or Shinjuku.

Asakusa Love Hotel Area – Only a few love hotels here, but check out if you are in Asakusa.

Where to book hotels

It’s usually not possible to reserve love hotel rooms, but we recommend trying There are bookable love hotels in Osaka.


Know some good love hotel areas?  Want to write about your love hotel experience?  Please contact us or comment below!

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