Mount Takao Autumn Colours Report

Mount Takao is a great place to go during the Autumn Colours.  I recently went up to enjoy the beautiful red and golden leaves!  Check out our Mount Takao for information about how to do the hike yourself.


The entrance to Mount Takao.  To the left is the cable car up, but we hiked all the way up!


Beautiful red trees as well.


This little shrine is right at the beginning of the course, if you make your own way up instead of taking the cable car.


View of Tokyo as you make your way up Mount Takao.


Japanese people really do love taking photos!


There was a long line of people waiting to walk through this stone ring.  Maybe it gives good luck?


Even the old grannies and grandpas make the effort to reach the top of Mount Takao.


Some giant slippers!


This was also near the top of Mount Takao.  Dozens of little statues.


Around one of the shrine buildings, people have put coins below these little statues.  Very mysterious.

takao8One of the main shrines in Mount Takao.  Full of people and a great atmosphere.

Check out our Mount Takao Guide for info about how to get there and hiking routes.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict