Heirin Temple Autumn Colours Report

Heirin Temple is one of the best places to go near Tokyo for Autumn colours.  I went here not expecting too much.  I thought it would just be a nice park, but Heirin-ji is truly breathtaking.   The wonderfully designed temple is surrounded by bright red and golden leaves. And of course it’s free!

To get here from Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, take the Saikyo line (dark green JR line) to Musashiurawa station, then take the JR Musashino Line (orange JR line) to Niiza station (40 minutes, 540 yen). From here it’s a 10 minute walk (check the map at the bottom.


Coming up to the main Heirin-ji buildings, with straw roofs.


 The Autumn colours are everywhere!  The temple bell.


Everyone comes out to visit these areas during Autumn, so there is a nice, communal atmosphere.


One of the larger buildings here.  Not so busy.


Make sure you explore around if you come here, there a plenty of paths to take around.


Those Japanese love their kouyou (Autumn Colours) photos!


 Around the side I found this pond.


 As I explored around, I found more and more beautiful Autumn colour areas.


Heirin Temple has a little bonsai area as well.


There is a large park around, which is also worth walking around during this season.


Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict