Narita Airport (NRT)

How to get into Tokyo (without a Japan Rail Pass)

Don’t take the expensive Narita Express from JR (national rail).  Instead use Keisei Railways.

Take the Keisei line (private blue coloured line) to Keisei-Ueno (1200 yen, 69 mins).  From  Keisei-Ueno, you can easily access anywhere in Tokyo.  Check for the latest train times.

How to get into Tokyo (with a Japan Rail Pass)

The fast Narita Express is free with the Japan Rail Pass.  

Take the JR Narita Express to Tokyo (62 mins), Shinjuku (81 mins) or Shibuya (76 mins).   The JR Narita Express sometimes goes direct to other stations, so check  You may need to change at Tokyo station.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict