Beautiful temples in snowy mountains – Koyasan Day 2

After our first day in Koyasan, I we went to the west side to see the famous Buddhist temples and pilgrimage trails that have made this place a UNESCO World Heritage site. Day 1 report can be found here.


This is Daimon, at the entrance to Koyasan’s west side.

After Daimon, we went on a walk through the snowy mountains, on an old pilgrimage route.


These stones mark the route taken by the pilgrims.


A very cute Buddha!  Why is it hugging a frog??


Walking around the town you will come across sights like this everywhere.


Inside Kongobuji Temple, a must-see in Koyasan.

It’s full of these kinds of Japanese walls.


We then made our way to the main temple complex, with the above Kanpon Daito Temple.
koyasan_temple2 koyasan_templekoyasan_temple_3

There were several little temples like this around the area.

Coming back to Osaka on the cable car!

Want to visit this area?  Check out our Koyasan budget travel guide.  Day 1 report can be found here.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict