Top Capsule Hotels In Kyoto

There are a few good capsule hotels in Kyoto and they seem to be more interesting than in other cities  If you are not familiar with them, check out our capsule hotel first experience post

Most people don’t book a capsule, as there are usually many available.  But if you are worried, just go to the capsule hotels with an English booking system.

Capsule_Ryokan_KyotoCapsule Ryokan Kyoto

The most popular capsule hotel in Kyoto.  Not that cheap (compared to other capsule hotels that is), but really clean and comfortable.  Capsule hotels like if they had them in old Japan.

Price: From 3,700 yen

Location: Short walk from Kyoto station

Booking: On the day or book at

nine_hours_Kyotonine hours Kyoto

It looks super fancy and expensive, but this place is incredibly cheap.  Making quite a name for itself with it’s futuristic look and feel.

Price: From 2,450 yen

Location: Between Nishiki Market and Gion, nearest station is Kawaramachi Station

Booking: On the day or book at

First_Cabin_Kyoto_KarasumaFirst Cabin Kyoto Karasuma

Another modern capsule hotel, this one also has ‘cabins’ which have a little more space.  Women-only floor available.

Price: From 2,900 yen

Location: Near Nishiki Market, next to Shijo Station and Karasuma Station

Booking: On the day or book at

Amenity_Hotel_KyotoAmenity Hotel Kyoto (capsule for men only)

Reasonable capsule hotel, although some reviews aren’t great.  But check out the prices for this place before considering the others, as they can be dirt cheap!  

Price: From 3,117 yen (occasional discounts to 1,558 yen)

Location: Near Gion

Booking: On the day

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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict