Top Guesthouses and Hostels in Kyoto

As Kyoto is mostly still a traditional place the guesthouses and hostels continue this style, while still offering low prices. Therefore most of these recommendations, but not all, will have rooms with traditional Tamami floors and futons.   Even if this does not sound appetising, just try it for one night!

Backpackers_Hostel_K_kyotoBackpackers Hostel K’s House Kyoto

A load of different options to suit you budget, group size and desired room type. Modern and clean interior, with knowledgeable staff.

Price: Dorms from 1850 yen, private rooms from 4200 yen

Location: Near Kyoto station


Khaosan_Kyoto_Guest_HouseKhaosan Kyoto Guest House

Khaosan have a load of hostels in Tokyo, and their Kyoto hostels are solid hostel experiences.  Expect polite, excitable staff and really good prices.

Price: Dorms from 1300 yen, private rooms from 2300 yen

Location: Near Gion

Khaosan Kyoto Guest House: Check prices at

Khaosan Kyoto Theater: Check prices at

hanakiya_inn_kyotoHanakiya Inn

This guesthouse provides a more traditional Ryokan (Japanese hotel) experience than the rest. Prices are a little more, but your experience will be much more memorable.  We stayed here and found the staff to be really friendly.

Price: From 3600 yen

Location: Near Kiyomizu-dera temple



Very central dorms, at good prices.  Lots of free things, like a free breakfast everyday.

Price: From 1900 yen

Location: Next to Nijo Castle



A little bit pricier than the others, but with a more ‘Japanesey’ feel and atmosphere.  It’s also smaller and therefore much quieter than the others.

Price: Dorms from 3000 yen, privates from 4200 yen

Location: Near the Honganji temples


Know any other good hostels?  Please contact us!

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict