Ise Shrines

The Ise shrines are often regarded to be in the top 3 shrine areas in Japan.  The simple, yet spectacular shrines really have to be seen with your own eyes to understand their beauty.

Budget travel tips

  • Try to be here outside the holidays, as Ise can get horribly busy.
  • May be a good idea to get a Kintetsu Rail Pass if you are also going to places such as Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka.

Things to do

Outer Shrine (FREE)

A large collection of little shrines, plus the big new one.  It’s just outside from Iseshi station.

Open: 5:00 to around 17:00

Price: Free

Inner Shrine (FREE)

Not far from Ise Shrine Geku is this, the inner shrine is also a stunning piece of minimalist architecture.  Take a bus from Ise Shrine Geku or Iseshi station (well signposted).

Open: 5:00 to around 17:00

Price: Free

Ise Shopping Street

Just outside Iseshi station, you will pass this street on the way to Ise Shrine Geku.  It’s full of interesting shops, making for a good hour or two of window shopping.


Traditional shopping streets with loads of shops and reasonably priced restaurants.  Make sure you try Ise Miso Noodles, the famous dish in Ise.

Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

Ise Kazamiso

A well regarded hostel with cheap rates. Check prices at

More at

How to get there

The cheapest option is to get the Kintetsu Rail Pass, but if you have the Japan Rail Pass, that’s also great.

From Tokyo, first head to Nagoya.

From Nagoya station, take the Kintetsu Nagoya Line to Iseshi station (1410yen, 2 hours).  The faster Limited Express is covered by the Kintetsu Rail Pass.

From Osaka, first go to Tsuruhashi Station (Sennichimae subway line) then take the Kintetsu Osaka Line to Iseshi station (1750 yen, 2 hours).  The faster Limited Express is covered by the Kintetsu Rail Pass.

Mie Kostu Bus also have cheap buses to/from Tokyo and Kyoto, but only Japanese reservation is available.  The Tourist Information Center in Ise or Shinjuku (Tokyo) will be able to help (see map).


Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict