Pure, Beautiful Shrines of Ise – Day 1

The Ise Shrines (Ise Jingu) are some of the most famous shrines in the whole of Japan, in the top 3 according to some.  It’s always a bit busy, but the shrines are so stunning, yet incredibly simple and almost minimalist in design.  No bright colours or gold here, this is a really classy place! Day 2 Ise Travel Report here.


This gate greets you when exit Iseshi station.


The road to the first shrine is lined with traditional style buildings, selling Japanese food, drinks and of course souvenirs!


This area a a strange little collection of very small buildings, with very small, cute shops.ise_shrine_jingu_street2


One of the many lanterns around Ise.


This picture was taken during New Years’s, when Japanese people all go to pray for happiness in the new year.


On the left is the new shrine, on the right the old one.  A new shrine is built every 20 years, and the gods move to a new home.ise_shrine_jingu_old

The old shrine still looked amazing.


The new shrine.  Doesn’t take that long to get into if you don’t want to pray.ise_shrine_jingu_new2 ise_shrine_jingu_new3

For more information, please see our budget Ise Shrines Travel Guide.  Day 2 Ise Travel Report here.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict