Tokyo and Kanto in 1-2 Weeks

There is so much to do around Tokyo in a few weeks, it really is a city of cities.

There is probably no need to buy a  Japan Rail Pass or Japan Bus Pass, but make use of the special passes for most of the areas.  If you have less than 2 weeks, just cut out the places that are not of interest.

Cost: 110,000 yen – 130,000 yen per person (for 2 weeks)

Day 1

Arrive in Tokyo and spend the day in Shinjuku, with an introduction to and view over Tokyo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Building.

Day 2

Head over to east Tokyo, and enjoy traditional Tokyo in Asakusa and the geek paradise of Akihabara.

Day 3

Spend a day in the more traditional suburbs of Kawagoe.

Day 4 – Day 5

Take a 2 day trip to Nikko with the Nikko 2 Day Pass.

Day 6

Check out Yokohama, Japan’s second biggest city.  Consider the Yokohama Rail Pass, but it’s not essential.

Day 7

Spend a day in Kamakura with the Kamakura Freepass.

Day 8

Go hiking in Mount Takao or Mount Fuji.

Day 9-10

Enjoy 2 days in the hot spring town of Hakone.

Day 11

See the real Tokyo with one of our Tokyo City Walks.

Day 12

Spend a day in youthful Harajuku and Shibuya.

Day 13

Starting at Shinjuku, do a loop around the cool areas of west Tokyo.  First go to Koenji, then Kichijoji (also on the JR Chuo line), then Shimo Kitazawa.  In the evening, continue to Shibuya.

Day 14

Spend any remaining time you have in Tokyo.


It’s usually best to go to/from Tokyo for a lot of the side trips, so please just consider the blue line as showing the order of places and not the train route.


Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict