Quick Japan – Main Tourist Spots in 1 Week

A guide to the main hot spots in Japan, all in just a week!

Because of Japan’s excellent transportation, it is possible to see quite a lot in a week.  You could use either the Japan Rail Pass or Japan Bus Pass, but because your time is really tight, the Japan Rail Pass is probably best.  This will allow you to use the Shinkansen (bullet train) to get between and A and B extremely quickly.

Cost: 65000 yen – 75000 yen per person

Day 1

Arrive in Tokyo and spend the day in Shinjuku, with an introduction to and view over Tokyo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Building.

Day 2

Starting at Shinjuku, do a loop around the cool areas of west Tokyo.  First go to Koenji, then Kichijoji (also on the JR Chuo line), then Shimo Kitazawa.  In the evening, continue to Shibuya.

Day 3

Head over to east Tokyo, and enjoy traditional Tokyo in Asakusa and the geek paradise of Akihabara.

Day 4

Take the train or bus (best to get a night bus the day before) to Kyoto.  Spend the day there with the Kyoto City Bus All-day Pass.

Day 5

Spend more time in Kyoto if you need it, or take a quick side trip to Nara for some different temples and shrines.

Day 6

Go to Osaka and experience the south’s main city.

Day 7

Make your way back to Tokyo, then spend any remaining time there.  Visit Harajuku if you have time.



Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict