Exploring the beautiful, luminous Tazawa Lake

Tazawa Lake really took our breath away. Before going I thought it was just a big lake, but Tazawa Lake is really unique and worth going all the way to visit. What makes it so unique is that all the hot spring water feeding it has given it a strangely luminous, sometimes transparent, appearance. The boat trip is worth the price as I was shown around all the main sites and got to take lots of very blue photos!


Getting on the tourist boat. The lake is so big it’s rather difficult to see to the other side.


As you get deeper into the lake, you can really start to see what makes it so cool.


Really wanted to jump in!


 Gozano-ishi Shrine. The boat stops for a while, so everyone has time to take some good photos.


Statue of Tatsuko – All the Japanese tourists want to see this, her tale is famous all over Japan.


There are also cherry blossom trees around the lake.


All in all a nice, relaxing place to visit. It’s not exactly Disney Land, but Tazawa Lake is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict