Super cute animals, doing super cute things! – Asahiyama Zoo

One of the highlights of any trip to Hokkaido has to be Asahiyama Zoo. The place has a huge selection of animals, from polar bears to giraffes to ‘what the hell is that!?’. Here are our highlights:


These greet you as you enter the zoo!


There is a large selection of penguins, and an interesting tunnel through their pool.


It was a little bit of a wait to get in, but these kind of features make Asahiyama Zoo stand out from most zoos.


Right next to the penguins, this seal was having a good time!


While the polar bear was enjoying himself swimming and diving. A great photo spot.


As well as usual zoo animals such as giraffes, there are some stranger and much cuter animals as well! Not sure what the above is though!


Many of the animals are given amazing obstacle or climbing courses to enjoy.
asahiyama_zoo_monkeySome will be swinging and jumping right above you! Watch out for any poo or wee! 

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