Naka-Furano (中富良野), in Furano, is one of the best places to come for flower viewing in Hokkaido, along with Biei. As it’s all free it’s great for budget travelers, and has plenty to do to fill a whole day.

The main flower season is between June and September. Lavender is usually best around mid July to the beginning of August.

Budget travel tips

  • Bring some lunch/dinner if you can, as the restaurants can have very touristy prices.
  • Get a map from the train station, as it’s possible to do the all the things below on foot.

Things to do

farm_Tomita_2Farm Tomita (ファーム富田)(FREE)

The most famous Lavender park in Furano. A huge variety of flowers, so there is a good chance of seeing something nice. 25 minutes walk north of Naka-Furano station or next to Lavender Batake station (see Norokko train below). Open all day.

Saika no Sato (彩香の里)(FREE)

The other big lavender park in Naka-Furano, Saiko no Sato is a short walk south of the station and offers a good variety of flowers without being as touristy as Farm Tomita. Open all day.

Town Lavender Field (町営ラベンダー園) (FREE)

This place is a ski slope in the winter, but in the summer becomes the towns most central lavender and flower field. Walk up to the top for a spectacular view. Open all day.

Forest Park (FREE)

At the top of the Town Lavender Field, this large forest is a really quiet place to take a walk. There are some little gardens as well, so come here to escape the crowds if you need to. Open all day.

Norokko tourist train

From June 7 to Octover 13 visitors to Furano can use this special tourist train. It’s a great way to get a view over the fields and mountains of Furano. Prices are the same as normal trains. More info and times here.

How to get there

From Sapporo, take a bus to Furano (2,260 yen, 2 and a half fours, every hour). From here take the train up to Naka-Furano station (230 yen, 11 mins) or Lavender Batake station (230 yen, 11 mins, June 7 to Octover 13).

From other areas, such as Asahikawa, Biei or Furano station, take the train to Naka-Furano station (all year) or Lavender Batake station (June 7 to Octover 13).


Recommended hostels and Cheap Hotels

Furano Youth Hostel

Seems to be the only budget option near to Naka-Furano station. As with most youth hostels in Japan, this place won’t blow your socks off, but has very cheap dormitories. Breakfast and dinner are free. Check prices here.

Minshuku Akiba

Near Furano station (a short train ride), Minshuku Akiba has some nice Japanese style rooms and some good prices. Check prices at

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Farm Tomita

Published by Matthew Baxter

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