Biei (美瑛) is known all over Japan as one of the best places to go for lavender viewing. It’s also a great place to go other times of the year due to its beautiful countryside hills that make for a great walk or bike ride. There is lots to do here, so spend at least a day in the area.

Budget travel tips

  • Worth combining with Naka-Furano if you are into flower viewing.
  • Visit the Visitor Center to the left of the station exit for some free maps, with recommended walking routes so you don’t have to take a taxi or use the non-frequent bus services. There are also coin lockers.

Things to do

Patchwork Area (FREE)

This area is similar to Naka-Furano, with lavender and flower fields, but spread out over some pristine countryside. Worth renting a bicycle (ask at the Visitors Center), but it can be done on foot if you love walking in the countryside. Located north-west of Biei station.

Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park (FREE) 

This free to enter observation desk provides tourists with a great view over the countryside hills. In the Patchwork Area.

Open: All day

Price: Free

Hill of Zerubu & Hill of Atoms (FREE)

Another place to see flowers, particularly lavender, but has some quirky twists, such as multi-coloured ‘cows’ in the fields and mini truck rides around a ‘flower course’. Also in the Patchwork Area.

Open: 8:30AM to 5:00PM (April to October)

Price: Free

Panorama Road Area (FREE)

Not as easy to access and hillier than Patchwork road, Panorama Road Area has similar sights, but is more spread out. It is therefore quieter, but not so convenient for budget tourists. This area is just south of Biei station and can be accessed by bus.

How to get there

From Sapporo station, take the bus from the Bus Terminal to Asahikawa (2 hours, 2060 yen).

From Asahikawa station, take the train to Biei station (30 mins, 540 yen).

From other areas, such as Naka-Furano or Furano station, take the train to Biei station.


Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

There are no real reasonable options near Biei, so stay near Naka-Furano or in Asahikawa.

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Official Furano Tourism Site 

Published by Matthew Baxter

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