Tokachi Onsen


Tokachi Onsen (十勝岳温泉) is a famous hot spring area in Hokkaido. Quieter than places such as Sounkyo Onsen and with a less touristy feel, it’s a great place to come for some hiking and relaxing.

Budget travel tips

  • Bring some food with you, as there is no big shop here and the restaurants can be a little pricey (though not too bad).

Things to do

Kamihoro (カミホロ荘)

An amazing outside hot spring with views over the mountains and fields of Biei and Furano. Walk down the road from the bus stop for a few minutes to get here. Restaurant open for lunch and dinner.

Open: 7 AM to 9 PM

Price: Adults 600 yen, Children 350 yen

Ryounkaku (凌雲閣)

Another great rotemburo (outside bath), at the end of the road and near the bus stop. The water here has a strong brownish colour, with the baths separated between men and women.

Open: 8 AM to 8 PM

Price: Adults 800 yen, Children 600 yen

Hike up Mount Tokachidake

The surrounding area is full of forests and interesting volcanic landscapes. There are a wide selection of routes, including a 6-8 hour hike up Mount Tokachidake, then down to Fukiage Hot Spring or the Sandanyama 3-4 hour hike. Pick up a map from one of the hot springs, or better at the tourist info center in Asahikawa. There are also some free to stay at mountain huts (山小屋), so ask about these.

How to get there

There are three minibuses a day (35 mins mins, 500 yen):

Kamifurano station (上富良野) to Tokachi (吹上温泉): 9:22, 13:19, 16:31

Fukiage Hot Spring (吹上温泉) to Kamifurano (上富良野): 10:18, 14:07, 17:27

From Kamifurano station you can take a train to Asahikawa, Biei or Naka-Furano.


Hostels and cheap hotels

Kamihoro (カミホロ荘)

Reasonable prices for a traditional Japanese hotel in a remote setting, with some super delicious looking food.  To reserve, visit their website (Japanese only).

Cheaper accommodation available in Fukiage Hot Spring.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict