Moutsuu-ji Temple in Hirazumi

Hiraizumi is a world heritage site in Tohoku, famous for its amazing selection of temples. It’s a great place to go anytime of the year, and I have been there in summer and in winter. Here are some of my pics!

The main temple is a standard Buddhist temple, but the other little temples and structures around make this site stand out from most.

There is a large Japanese lake, with some cool features like this dragon boat!

Take you time and enjoy watching the worshipers and workers do their thing.

The area is full of reconstructed and destroyed buildings, so there’s lots to see.

In summer traditional Japanese poems are read, while customers drink sake, along this quiet stream.

Even though I went on a national holiday, it wasn’t crowded at all. What an awesome day!

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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict