Kakunodate – Samurai Town

Kakunodate is cool place for a day trip in Akita, Tohoku. The town is well-known for its well-preserved samurai houses, many of which are open for visitors to enter. I got a chance to visit the town, and spend a good day exploring it with a free map available from the station. There are signs everywhere, so it’s really easy to have an adventurous day. Here are some highlights!


 One of the many shrines dotted around the town.


The ryokans (traditional Japanese hotels) also look super posh!


Andojyozo Brewery has lots of free samples, plus a free ‘teyu’, a hot spring for your hands!


One of the many samurai houses. Almost too many to see.


The main street is lined with the samurai houses, plus some Japanese gardens and shops selling Japanese goods.

 More info can be found on our Kakunodate budget travel guide.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict