Japan Cherry Blossom Forecasts for 2015


Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) is fast approaching and so it’s time to check when it’s on in your area or travel destination!  It’s one of the best times to visit Japan. Please try to allow some flexibility in your holiday schedule, as the actual timings can change. Check our homepage for regular updates and reports

City/Area,Forecast for first bloom,Forecast for full bloom

Nara, 27th February,3rd April

Fukuoka,22nd February,31st March

Tokyo,25th March,2nd April

Nagoya(Aichi),25th March, 3rd April

Hiroshima,25th March, 3rd April

Yokohama,26th March,4th April
Kyoto,26th March,4th April

Osaka,26th March,4th April

Kobe,26th March,4th April

Kanazawa,3rd April,9th April

Sendai,9th April,14th April

Nagano,10th April,14th April

Akita (Kakunodate),15th April,20th April

Hakodate,29th April,4th May

Sapporo,3rd May,7th May

More info about the Sakura season can be found in our Cherry Blossom guide.


Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict