Save up to 100% on your JR pass? Cheapo tip for travel in Japan

JapanJRrailpass2Independent travellers all have their Japan Rail (JR) pass. You must buy it prior to your trip. Now imagine you can save up to 100% on that purchase!

A JR pass is great, it is the single most mentioned must-buy for independent travellers in Japan. It will save your money on most rail trips, that would otherwise take up so much of your precious budget.

Save big: buy only what you need

That is the simple trick, buy only what you need! Who made you believe that a JR pass is what you need to explore Japan? Is it really true or are you just doing what everyone else does, because well, everyone else does that!?

Who needs what?

The railpass is usually advised for ‘long distance travel’ where it saves you a lot. Not so much for using inside Tokyo or Kyoto. That is why most people start the fixed period of their pass from the day they leave Tokyo.

Leave the rat-race behind

The moment the pass turns valid is when travellers start their rat-race! Because the pass is only valid for the number of days selected, consecutive. So once you start you cannot stop! This leads to desperation. How to cram in as much traveling as possible in the limited time? And still have time to see something? A big headache, as you can read on so many forums.

Following others is not independent travel

The result of this practice is that we all race around to the same places, on the same tight schedule. So much for your unique trip.. While it can be so much better, so much more individual, so much more You!

Do not fall into the trap

Don’t buy the pass! Be free to go where you want, when you want, how long you want. And to change your mind along the way whenever you feel like it. That is traveling; no boundaries, write your own story. Okay, I hear you think, great advice but HOW?!

Well, it is easy and it might even save you more money in the end. And most surprisingly, not many travellers have discovered this yet, making you too-cool-for-school once your adventures get shared.


Rent a camper car and Go Camper Japan! Yes, that is all it takes. After your discoveries in Tokyo and Kyoto, the real adventure starts. Free to go anywhere you want, because Japan is safe to roam.

And the best is, your camping car is your hotel. Park it anywhere you like.  Don’t spend a yen on hotels and other transport. Share the rental cost and fuel between your travel-partners. You could cook some of your own meals to suite your budget even better. And all of you save 100% on that JR rail pass of course!

Sounds like magic? It is. It is pure magic to discover Japan like that. I know, because I do this with my family all the time. Find out just how easy and relatively cheap travelling by rental camper car in Japan is. You can see how to do that and get some great suggestions for your own trip too.

Create your own unique trip! Go Camper Japan!

This was a guest post by Go Camper Japan! Sharing information on how to travel Japan by rental camping car. Your trick to be able to discover Japan by yourself. Travel independently but safe, easy and on a lower budget!

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict