Nagasaki (長崎), just like Hiroshima, is an extremely emotional place to visit, but well worth seeing. Nagasaki also experienced a nuclear bomb and there are some places related to this, as well as to the cities rich history of foreign influences.

At the time of writing many of the sites are up for becoming World Heritage sites.

Budget travel tips

  • Get yourself a 500 yen tram pass to save loads on getting around.
  • Pick up a free tourist map from the Tourism Information Center in the train station.
  • The city is very easy to get around. All the places of interest are easy to locate by just using your tram pass map or free tourist map.

Places of interest

Peace Park

Take a quiet stroll around this park, which features many statues and ornaments related to building a peaceful future. Open all day.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Learn about the history behind the disastrous event and what led up to it.

Open: May 1-August 31: 08:30-18:30, September 1-April 31: 08:30-17:30. Closed December 29-31

Price: Adults 200 yen, Children 100 yen


Once thousands of people lived on this island, mining it’s coal. Now an abandoned ghost island, it’s a fascinating experience. Visit the island with Gunkanjima Concierge for 3600 yen plus 300 yen entrance fee.


An authentic recreation of an old Dutch trading settlement. Provides lots of info about the history of international (or sometimes just Dutch) trade and the cultural exchange that occurred.

Open: 09:00 -17:00

Price: Adults 300 yen, Children 150 yen

Glover Garden

Built for British merchants many years ago, this lush garden is full of interesting western buildings with a great view over the city.

Open: 8:00 -18:00

Price: 610 yen

Dutch Slope and surrounds

Have a nice walk around this area and see some of the well signposted foreign buildings. There is also a Chinese Confucius Shrine (Koshi-byo).

Nagasaki Night View from Mount Inasa

Get a stunning view over the city from atop Mount Inasa, which is recongnised as one of the top 3 night views in the world. Well worth the cost. Reach from Nagasaki station by bus (ropeway currently not available). Last bus back at 22:30.

Price: 1000 yen

Megane Bridge

Take a nice stroll along this quiet canal with some interesting bridges. There are also a few interesting small shrines nearby, so check these on your map to get a bit of the tourist route.

Urakami Cathedral (FREE)

A recreation of the original, which used to be the biggest in the east before being blown away by the nuclear bomb. Visit the nearby ruins to see what little survived.

Open: 8 AM to 6 PM


Due to the cities long history of trade with outside countries, the Chinatown here is full of interesting shops and Chinese history. Avoid the expensive restaurants though!

Oura Cathedral

The oldest wooden, Gothic Christian church in Japan.Designated a national treasure.

Open: 8:00 -18:00

Price: 300 yen

How to get there

With the Japan Rail Pass

Take a Shinkansen train all the way to Hakata station, then the Limited Express Kamome to Nagasaki.

Without the Japan Rail Pass

If coming from somewhere in Kyushu, purchase a bus ticket from the main bus terminal or train station nearest to you. If traveling from further away, it’s usually cheaper to fly.


Recommended Hostels and Cheap Hotels

Nagasaki Orion Hotel

A basic hostel seconds away from the train station and trams. Friendly staff as well. Check prices at

Hostel Casa Noda

A nice hostel with dorms near one of the central tram stops. Free Wifi and breakfast. Check prices at

More at

Volunteer Guides

Nagasaki International Association (3 months notice required)


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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict