Enjoy Eco Card + Osaka Visitors’ Ticket

If you want to spend a whole day exploring Osaka, then the Enjoy Eco Card is a good choice. It provides unlimited use of the subways, tram and buses for 1 day. It also includes some discounts to tourist spots in this large city.

What does it cost?

Enjoy Eco Card: Adults 800 yen (600 yen on weekends and national holidays), Children 300 yen

Special Osaka Visitors’ Ticket (available outside Japan only):  Adults (only) 550 yen

When can I use it?


Is it worth it?

If you want to go to 3 or more places in one day, then you will start to save money with this pass.  Otherwise it’s best just to get individual tickets

What are the rules?

  • Not usable on JR, Kintetsu or Nankai trains.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy the Enjoy Eco Card at any Osaka subway or tram station at the ticket vending machines (English usually available).

The Osaka Visitors’ Ticket is available to buy outside of Japan, and well as tourist information centers in Osaka.

How do I use it?

Insert the ticket into the hole on the ticket gate, then take it out from the other side. For buses, show to the bus driver as you enter and exit the bus.

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26 thoughts on “Enjoy Eco Card + Osaka Visitors’ Ticket

  1. does the eco card allow you to travel to places such as kaiyukan aquarium,osaka castle,shinsabashi and dontoburi area?



  2. hello there, are we able to buy eco card in advance? for exmple i buy 1 eco card today for tomorrow’s use. is it possible? (and i hold on to the ticket, wont be using the ticket till next day morning)

    thank you!


  3. Hello!
    May i use “Enjoy Eco Card” for Kita-Osaka-Kyuko line? It is extension of Midosuji line, but under administration of another private operator company. Or for part of way between Esaka and Senri-chuo station i must pay additional 120 yen?


  4. Hi I want to go to Kidzania in Koshien. Will the OSAKA Visitor pass or Eco card cover the bus in Koshien as well? Thanks.


    1. I think the Osaka Visitors’ Ticket is only for adults, so best to get the other one for the kids 😀


  5. Osaka Visitors’ Ticket is not selling at the vending machine? And also is there any limit that each person can only buy 1 eco card? or i can buy 2 to be use on sat and sun?


    1. It will depend on the station. Please follow the links to see the current sale locations 😀 Don’t think there is a limit on using more than 1!


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