Free Tour Guides in Tokyo

Tokyo is a big city, a really big city. A tour guide can help new visitors to get around the maze of areas that make people call Tokyo a “city of cities”.

Tokyo International Student Guide

A bunch of friendly students from local universities and colleges who are eager to show tourists around. They focus on top spots in Tokyo, but can accommodate special requests. Contact information is on their Facebook page.

goodwillguideTokyo SGG Club

More focused on the east side, such as the museum, parks and shrines around Asakusa and Ueno. No reservation is required, you just need to show up at one of their Tourist Information Centers and tag along!

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walk_picTokyo Free Walking Tour

For those that love a good walk! See in between the main sites and check out some cool neighborhoods. Tours start from Tokyo station and take visitors to the Imperial Palace East Gardens, among other tourist spots.

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English Sightseeing Tours in Bunkyo City

Bunkyo City is home to many notable gardens, shrines and cultural sites. English sightseeing tours to visit such places are available! They are arranged and guided by English-speaking volunteers residing in Bunkyo City. On the tours, you may be lucky to experience something which are not mentioned in general tour guidebooks. The tours are free of Charge, no guide fee, but some places may charge you entrance fees.
The volunteers plan the tour several times a year, focusing on special festival and/or to enjoy seasonal natural beauty such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. Please check the web-site for available tours and sign up.

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Edo Tokyo Guide Group

More of a focus on customised tours, this group can take you anywhere in the city.

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Kimi Information Center

This well known company in Tokyo helps foreigners in various ways, but this is their best offering for budget travelers. Their English school students can take you around Tokyo, so you get a guide who is very eager to show you some cool places and provide lots of interesting information. More details here.

Tokyo Free Guide

Another well known service in Tokyo is Tokyo Free Guide. It’s a free guide service with the aim to encourage cultural exchanges between Japanese people and foreigners. Services are available in multiple languages, such as English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Free tour guides in other cities can be found here.

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