Do you want to experience the most crazy, odd and extreme hot springs in Japan? Beppu (別府) is the place to come. Beppu has the most variety of any hot spring area in western Japan, with all types of water properties and minerals.

Budget travel tips

  • For the Eight Hells, get a combination ticket for 2000 yen for access to all the sites (400 individually).
  • Stay somewhere cheap, or just stop off here on your travels for a day and only visit the 100 yen hot springs to save on money.

Things to do

The Eight Hells (別府地獄)

The eight jigoku (hells) are mind-blowing. Each jigoku is a distinctive volcanic spectacle, from spewing hot clay mud to red boiling pools of spring water. Take a bus from Beppu station (20 mins).

100/200 yen hot springs (100円の温泉)

There are many hot springs in Beppu with various types of water and baths. Head to the Tourist Information center in the train station for a map of those nearby. Try as many as you can! Highlights are outdoor Kitahama Hot Spring, modern Furosen and stylish Kaimonji Hot Spring.

How to get there

With a Japan Rail Pass, Kyushu Northern Pass or Kyushu Rail Pass

Take a Shinkansen to Hakata (Fukuoka) or Kumamoto, then a JR Limited Express train.

Without a rail pass

If coming from outside Kyushu, it’s best to fly.

From Fukuoka, take a highway bus from the station (2.5 hours, 3100 yen). From Kumamoto, take a highway bus from the station (5 hours, 2600+ yen). If coming from another city in Kyushu, take a local/express train or bus from the station. Reservations usually required for highway buses, so ask at the station. The SUNQ bus pass can also be used to Beppu.


Hostels and cheap hotels

Beppu Yukemuri-no-oka Youth Hostel

Right next to the Eight Hells, this is in a great location if you want to beat the crowds there in the morning. Standard youth hostel: clean, cheap and quiet. Check prices at

Spa Hostel Khaosan Beppu

A cheaper option from this well known chain of hostels, located near the station. Many different types of room, rental bicycles and free wifi.  Check prices at

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