Minami Izu Unlimited Ticket

ito_izu_freepassIzu Peninsula is a famous hot spring and sightseeing destination, and a popular side trip from Tokyo. While not that popular with foreign tourists, it is becoming increasing well-known, and this pass will help out budget travellers. This pass includes a round-trip ticket to Izu, with unlimited use of transportation in the area around and south of Shimoda.

What does it cost?

2 day Pass from Tokyo: Adults 6160 yen , Children 3080 yen

When can I use it?


Is it worth it?

A return ticket costs around 6000 yen and up, so this pass is definitely worth it. Just using local trains tickets is so slow, while the Shinkansen trains can be horribly expensive.

What are the rules?

  • Includes a return ticket, which can only be used on JR trains from any station in central Tokyo to Ito on Izu Peninsula.
  • Unlimited use of the Izu-Kyoko line south of Ito.
  • Unlimited use of Tokai buses around Shimoda on Izu Peninsula.

Where can I buy it?

Buy the pass at any major JR station in Tokyo, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ueno.

How do I use it?

Show your pass as you enter the train stations. For buses, just show your pass to the bus driver.



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4 thoughts on “Minami Izu Unlimited Ticket

  1. Hello! Thankyou for the information! I am thinking of getting the Minami Izu Unlimited Pass (6160 Yen) for a Tokyo – Kawazu return trip, which trains are included please?

    It says “within the Tokyo’s 23 wards/within the Yokohama city/Odawara ⇔within the Unlimited Zone.
    ※If you use limited express(“Odoriko”“Super-view-Odoriko”,and so on),you need tickets for limited express.”

    Are Shinkansens included or is it a supplement and if so, how much? So limited express trains are not included or is it a supplement? I am looking on http://www.hyperdia.com and as a first time visitor to Japan and finding this very confusing what is the unlimited zone, which boxes do I need to select to see which trains are eligible? Are any trains with reserved seats included and if so do I do this before, or when, I arrive in Japan. Thankyou for your help! Regards Dianna


    1. You’re welcome!

      Just check the official website listed in the article to check for included trains. Shinkansen trains will not be included though I think, as it’s a different train company. Best to do it in Japan, so reserve the tickets at the place you get the pass. Much easier 😀


  2. Hi! Same question as above concerning included trains… As well as the relevant trains’ timetables.
    I can’t find any detailed information about this pass on the Izukyu website or elsewhere online.
    Are you sure this pass still exists ? What is this pass called in Japanese ? I’m afraid of not being able to purchase in Shinjuku on the day of my trip!


    1. As it’s primarily for the domestic market, unfortunanelly there is not much info online in English. There are a large number of passes for Izu, so it can be confusing. So I’d recommended using another pass, one aimed at foreign tourists who don’t speak/read Japanese. Use Hyderdia to check train times.


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