Narita City

Got some time to kill before or after a flight at Narita Airport? Narita City (成田) has a few things to check out, and can definitely occupy a good day of travel.

Budget travel tip

  • When booking with an LCC airline, don’t be afraid to book the cheapest flights if it means a short stay in Narita or an early flight. There is lots to do around the airport, and the airport allows people to wait inside overnight.

Things to do

Narita City

Narita Temple

A wonderful temple inside a stunning park. The park actually has a variety of different temples and pagodas to enjoy, so allow for a few hours here. A perfect place for a bit of calm before or after a crazy flight. Take a left after the 100 yen shop at the east exit, the walk up for 15-20 mins. See the recommended route below.

Open: Always

Cost: Free

Omotesando (Shopping Street)

See a traditional Japanese shopping street, a short walk from the station on the way to Narita Temple. Great for souvenirs.

Boso no Mura Open Air Museum

This large open-air museum has a huge selection of old style buildings showing off the old way of life in Japan and great English descriptions. Best to go on the weekend or holidays so that more is on. Take a Chiba Kotsu bus to Ryukakuji-dai-shako and stop off at Ryukakuji-dai-2-chome. It’s a 5 min walk from here.

Open: 9 AM – 16:30 PM

Cost: Adults 300 yen, Kids 150 yen, Seniors free

Sawara (佐原)

Sawara_naritaSawara is a small canal town near Narita city. Great for a relaxing stroll, the canal is lined with old fashioned buildings, giving the town a “Little Edo” nickname. To get there from Narita station, take the Narita Line to Sawara station (32 mins, 500 yen). From here take the south exit, take a left turn and walk 10 minutes to the canal. This historic area is south from here.

Hostel and cheap hotels

Narita U-City Hotel

The most reasonably priced ‘business hotel’, U-City has all the basics and is a short walk from the station. Check prices at

International Guesthouse Azure Narita

The cheapest hostel in the city, with prices from around $30. Free wifi and coffee as well.

Nine hours Narita Airport Hotel

A cheap capsule hotel right inside Narita Airport. Perfect for single and budget travellers. Check prices at

More at

How to get there

For access to Narita, see our Narita Airport guide. Narita station is just before the stations for the airport, and airport buses do not stop there. Most trains will stop at Narita station though.



Narita Temple

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict