Omurice – family-friendly cheap food


Omurice is a family favourite all over Japan, and has spread to become popular in countries such as Korea and Taiwan. It’s a funny example of western inspired Japanese cuisine, being an omelette (omu) covering flavoured rice (raisu)! It may sound a bit unappetising or odd, but Omurice is a simple dish with a host of sauces and meats to make things interesting. Omurice is usually topped with ketchup, but demiglace sauce is also popular.

Price: Around 400 yen at stores, from 700 at restaurants

Name in Japanese: オムライス/Omu-raisu

Where can I get it?

Available at most cheap family restaurants and bento shops, Omurice can also be found in supermarkets or convenience stores like the ones below:


Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict