Top 10 Autumn color spots in Kyushu

Kyushu has a host of superb spots for autumn leaves, and these spots are usually quieter than in Tokyo or Kyoto. We have include some in or near the main cities, but also a few that require a short train or bus ride. Be sure to check the discount Kyushu transportation passes to save money on getting around to these. Ok, here are the top 10!

ohori_park_autumn1) Ohori Park (大濠公園)

In central Fukuoka, Ohori Park is similar to Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo in terms of popularity. Expect crowds, but also expect a wide variety of trees and colors, such as the azalea and rose bay.

When: Mid November to late November




unzen_autumn2) Unzen

Home to over 100 species of plants, Unzen Onsen and the surrounding area’s autumn leaves are recognised as a national treasure. The golden and red leaves running up the mountains will take your breath away!

When: Early to mid November


maizuru_autumn3) Maizuru Park

In the same area as the Fukuoka castle ruins (福岡城跡) and near Ohori Park, Maizuru Park is a free park next to Akasaka station. Featuring maples and maidenhair trees, it’s a good idea to also go up to the lookout point.

When: Mid November to late November


keyaki_dori_autumn4) Keyaki Dori

A short 800 metre stretch of maple and zelkova tress on a fashionable street in central Fukuoka. The main ‘tunnel’ of autumn leaves is from the Kego intersection to the Akasaka 3-chome intersection. There is also a light-up display in the evening.

When: Mid November to late November


izumiyama_autumn5) Izumiyama

A nice spot to stop of if you are on the train from Nagasaki to Fukuoka (maybe with a train pass), Izumiyama has the largest maple free in the prefecture. At over 1000 years old, it has also become a national treasure. Access from Kami-Arita station.

When: Mid to end of November



rakusuien_autumn6) Rakusuien

Near to Sumiyoshi Shrine in Fukuoka, Rakusuien is also a nice 10 minute city walk from Hakata station. The best Japanese garden in on the island for autumn leaves, maple trees are spread out all over the lovely garden.

When: Mid to late November


kunenan_autumn7) Kunenan Mansion and Garden

Originally the stately home of a wealthy businessman, this mansion is now open to visitors. Known across Japan for its autumn leaves, azaleas and maple trees fill the stylish garden. Take a 15 minute bus ride from Kanzaki Station on the JR Nagasaki line.

When: Best November 15 – 23


todoroki_autumn8) Todoroki-kyo

Nearby Nagasaki, consider this place if you have already done Unzen. The beautifully pristine water in this gorge, combined with around 30 waterfalls sets this spot apart from the others.

When: Mid November to late November



mifuneyama_autumn9) Mifuneyama Rakuen Park

Built by the 28th lord of Takeo Domain, this large park features a pond surrounded by various autumn trees. The reflections in the water look nice in the photo, but you really have to be there to see it for real! Walkable from Takao-Onsen station (between Nagasaki to Fukuoka)

When: Mid to late November



takachiho_autumn_colors10) Takachiho (高千穂峡)

A great spot any time of the year, Takachiho is a stunning location. Featuring red-tinted cliffs along a long valley, visitors can either rent a boat or take an easy walk along the main trail to see the autumn colors. Save money getting here by using the SUNQ bus pass.

When: Mid to end of November

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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict