Minoo Park

Minoo Park (箕面公園) is a popular day trip from Osaka, a great place to go hiking or enjoy some local food and buy some souvenirs. It is what Mount Takao is to Tokyo, a very accessible and inexpensive to access hiking area, with all sorts of hiking routes for all sorts of difficulty.

Deep fried momiji leaves are the famous snack to try as you walk up.

Most people take the main routes up the waterfall, which has a few detours, but there are a variety of routes that branch of and come back to town. The main route up to the iconic waterfall is an easy route, taking about 1 hour. All you need to do is take the train there, and there are plenty of English language maps and signs to follow. A free footbath near Minoh Hotel on the way up or down (which also has a day use hot spring) is a nice place to relax the feet. A great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Osaka city.

How to get there

From Umeda station in central Osaka, take the Takarazuka Line to Ishibashi station and transfer to the Hankyu Minoh Line to Minoh Station (25 mins, 270 yen). When you exit the station, take a left turn and follow the signs up to Minoo Park (notice that it is sometimes spelt Minoh).

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Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict