Tokushima (徳島) is a nice place to stop off on your travels around Shikoku, especially if you are on your way to Naruto to see the whirlpools. Apart from that, there is not much to entertain most tourists apart from average castle grounds and a ropeway. The prices for accommodation will be cheaper here, so consider staying here if visiting Naruto.

There is also Awa Odori festival in mid August (Obon holidays) . Tokushima is best known for this traditional dance festival. Consider visiting during this time, as this type of dance will really knock your socks off! Just book that hostel early….

Recommended hostels and cheap hotels

Hotel Avanti

Decent business hotel near the station. Good if you want a night away from hostels! Check prices at

Tokushima Youth Hostel

Tokushima does not have many hostels, but this is probably the best. Not the most central location, but cheap dorms, quiet and near a beach. Check prices at the official site.

More at

Ropeway Information

Open: 9:00-17:30

One way ticket: Adults 1020 yen, Children 510 yen

Return ticket: Adults 610 yen, Children 300 yen

How to get there

With Japan Rail Pass or Shikoku Rail Pass

From any major city in Shikoku, take a Limited Express train (about hourly). From Takamatsu it takes about 1 hour.

Without a rail pass

JR Shikoku Bus has a range of routes, but Japan Bus Lines is the best way to search for the cheapest buses from all locations. There are routes from all major cities on the main island of Honshu.


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