The best Shikoku island for budget travellers, Megijima (女木島) has beaches, caves and art on offer. The Ogre Island, as it is also called due to the ogre legends in the caves, has something for all tastes.  Go off to nearby Ogijima as well if you have time.

Budget travel tips

  • If you get an early morning ferry, it is perfectly possible to do both Megijima and Ogijima islands. This will save you money on ferry tickets.
  • Bring food as there are few options for affordable food. Bring lots of water on hot days as well or you will spend lots on vending machine drinks!
  • Pick up the English speaking guides from the ferry terminal to help you get around, especially when art shows are on (see Links).

Things to do

Ogre’s Cave

Located in the mountainside of Megijima, and 400m deep, the caves feature various ogre related rooms. Ogre shrines, treasure caves and more make this a fun experience.

Open: 8:30am to 5pm

Price: Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen

Access: Take the bus from the port (600 yen round trip)

Washigamine observation platform (FREE)

Next to the cave exit, take a little walk up here to get the islands best view over the sea.

Ote town

With walls around the town looking like a medieval fortress, Ote is a good spot for a relaxing stroll.

Megijima Beach (FREE)

The most famous beach in Takamatsu, this beach has clear water and is kept very clean.

Hostels and cheap hotels

There is not much on the island, so best to stay in Takamatsu. Check prices at

How to get there

From Takamatsu port, there are 6 or more daily ferries depending on the season (Adults 370 yen, Children 190 yen). Peak periods, such as summer holidays, have hourly services.



Setouchi Art Festival

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict