The smaller brother to Megijima, Ogijima (男木島) is also worth a visit if you have the time. The small size means that budget travellers can get around just on foot. It’s a very compact island, and a good spot for hiking.

Budget travel tips

  • If you get an early morning ferry, it is perfectly possible to do both Megijima and Ogijima islands. This will save you money on ferry tickets.
  • Bring food as there are few options for affordable food. Bring lots of water on hot days as well or you will spend lots on vending machine drinks!
  • Pick up the English speaking guides from the ferry terminal to help you get around, especially when art shows are on (see Links).

Things to do

Rock-walled village of Ogi

Similar to Megijima, but rather more dramatic are the medieval-looking walls protecting the village. Most visitors take a good stroll for an hour or so around these old-school settings, often bumping into the odd random art display.

Toyotamahine Shrine (FREE)

Dedicated to an ancient Japanese goddess of the same name, this is the islands main shrine. Climb the stairs to get up to the main building and to get a view over the town.

Ogijima Lighthouse walk and hike up Mount Komi (FREE)

Escape literally all the crowds at these serine routes on the south side of the island. Offers amazing views over the islands and a nature filled path, especially worthwhile when the daffodils are in spring from early February to March. Walk south from Ote to reach the lighthouse (30 minutes). From here there are hiking routes up the hill, which takes a circular route through woods, bringing you back to near the town (about 2 hours). The walk is all flat, while the hike is moderate difficulty.

Oi Beach (FREE)

On the south west side of the island is this small beach, about an hours walk away. It’s not exactly Gold Coast, but a great place to chill out with a drink or two. Just remember to bring drinks over from the mainland, and remember you can drink in public places in Japan!!

Hostels and cheap hotels

There is not much on the island, so best to stay in Takamatsu. Check prices at Booking.com

How to get there

From Takamatsu port, there are 6 or more daily ferries depending on the season (Adults 510, Children 260). Peak periods, such as summer holidays, have hourly services.



Setouchi Art Festival

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict