Hagi (萩) is a castle town, little visited by foreign tourists. The town is full of history, particulary from the Meiji Restoration period. The town is also known for its traditional pottery, called Hagi-yaki.

Budget travel tips

  • It’s quite a journey to get here, so seriously consider taking a night bus or use a Limited Express train with a Japan Rail Pass or Chugoku pass.
  • Rent a bicycle (1000 yen per day) from the Tourist Information center at the station to get around town, or walk everywhere. Free maps available there.
  • There is also a loop bus, which is 100 yen per ride or 500 yen for a day pass.

Things to do

Tamachi Shopping Arcade (田町アーケード街)
The main shopping street in Hagi. Some nice old-school shops and restaurant. A short walk from Hagi Bus Center.

Horiuchi (堀内) and Hagi Castle town
The residential area for Samurai during years gone by, as well as rich merchants and doctors. Different areas display the old castle down atmosphere well. West of the bus center.

Tokoji Temple (東光寺)
Many important cultural assets are contained in this temple, such as a bell tower and Japanese temple gates.

Shizuki Park (指月公園)
Lots of things to do here, such as checking out the site of Hagi Castle, Nishinohama Beach and Mount Shizuki. There are also some pottery kilns open to visitors. A 15 minute bus ride from the bus center, or an easy walk from anywhere in town.

Aiba River (藍場川)
Take a stroll down this quiet river, full of multi-coloured carp. Runs through the center of the city, between Hagi Bus Center and Hagi station.

Recommended hostels and cheap hotels

Hostel Hagi Time

Located between the castle and the downtown area, this hostel has dorm and twin rooms. Kept clean and quiet.

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How to get there

With a Japan Rail Pass or Chugoku pass

Take the Shinkansen from any major city to Asa, near Shin-Yamaguchi.

From Asa, take the JR Mine Line to Nagatoshi, then JR San-in Line to Hagi (90 mins).

Without a train pass
From Osaka (Umeda), you can take a bus with Kintetsu Bus or Bocho Bus (12 hours, 9480 yen). Bocho Bus also have buses from Tokyo (Shinagawa, 14 hours, 1970 yen) or Tsuwano (2 hours, 2080 yen) or Shin-Yamaguchi (90 mins, 1970 yen). Tickets can be booked at each station.



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