Survival Japanese for travelling in Japan


Japanese people are some of the worst English speakers in the world, so it’s best the learn a few key phrases before you visit Japan. There will be times when you are trying to communicate with someone who has absolutely no English ability.

Having said that, one of the great things about Japan is that it’s such a visual culture. Most menus have pictures of all the items. Another great thing is the number of loan words, usually from English. For example, take out is ‘teeku auto’ and convenience store is ‘konbiniensu sutoa’. Give it a try and it may actually be a Japanese word!

The below are all you really need, as in a hotel or youth hostel there will be English speakers to help you out.

Basic Japanese

Yes = hai

No = iie

Thank you = arigatou

Hello = konichi wa

Good morning = ohayou gozaimas

Good evening = konban wa!

Good night = oyasumi nasai

I don’t understand = wakarimasen

Excuse me/sorry = sumimasen

In a shop or restaurant

This please = kore o kudasai

What do you recommend? = nani o osusume?

Where is the toilet? = toire ha doko des ka?

How much is it? = ikura des ka?

Please write that down = kaite kudasai

Traveling around

Where is the _____? = ______ wa doko des ka?

What does that say?  = nan to yomimas ka? (good for when a countryside bus or train sign has no English!)

Does someone here speak English? = eigo ga hanaseru hito imas ka?

Can you show me on a map? = mappu ni misete kudasai

Please tell me when we get to ______ = ______ ni tsuku toki ni oshiete kudasai (good for buses/trains with no English)

Other useful words

Train station = eki

Bus = basu 

Train = densha

Hotel = hoteru

Youth hostel = yuusu hosuteru

Restaurant = resutoran

Police box = koban

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