7 ways the new Tokyo book from Super Cheap Japan will save you loads

Traveling to Tokyo soon and looking for a travel guide? Super Cheap Tokyo is your perfect companion! It will show you where, when and how to save when traveling in Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. I’ve worked super hard to make it into the ultimate guidebook! Here is what’s included to make your holiday super cheap, with some screenshots to show you what the book looks like:

How to do tax-free shopping

The tax-free rules simply explained, where is best to do it and how to get it all back.

Eat out at the cheapest, most delicious restaurants and takeouts

Eat some super tasty Japanese food without spending all your holiday money on your first weekend! Super Cheap Tokyo will show you where to go, what the prices are and what kind of food to expect. Buying food in Japan can be intimidating if you can’t read or speak Japanese, but this book will show you how to enjoy the world-renowned Tokyo food on a budget.

Budget travel maps

Who needs to know the names of all the wards and where the local city office is? You’re here to have fun, and cheaply! The Super Cheap Tokyo book shows the locations of 100 yen ($1) stores, budget accommodations like capsule hotels, cheap supermarkets, walking routes to cut down on transportation costs and so much more.

Free water refill hotspots

People spend so much money buying drinks when traveling, but Super Cheap Tokyo will show you how to refill for free all across the city and Kanto.

The latest discount train and subway passes explained

Tokyo and the surrounding regions have so many passes available. This book will clearly explain which ones are good for you and how to travel with them, as well as some sample itineraries to make your holiday planning completely stress-free!

Free sample hotspots

Who needs to pay for food when you can try it for free! This book will show you exactly where to try Japanese food for a grand total of 0 yen!

The best places to go on a budget

I’ve been all across the region, so I’ve compared all the tourist spots and put the best ones in this book. From the tourist hotspots to off-the-beaten-track locations, Super Cheap Tokyo will show you the best ones for budget travelers. It will show you how to get there easily and cheaply with simple explanations of how to get to places on foot, by bus or by train.

Like what you see? Get the book now!

My Tokyo book is based on the original Super Cheap Japan guidebook, which has become a bestseller on Amazon and is on the shelves of the best bookstores, such as Kinokuniya (Japan’s number one bookstore). From only $4.49, it’s a real bargain. Super Cheap Tokyo: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide to Tokyo and the Kanto Region is all you’ll need for your perfect cheap holiday in the world’s most exciting city.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict