Trying out the Japan Wireless wifi box

Recently Japan Wireless got in touch with me, and wondered if I’d like to try out their popular wifi box. Always looking for a deal, I thought I’d give it a go!

I have always been a sceptic of these devices, worried that they might be unnecessary and expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. It was all very easy to set up, all I had to do was pick up the package from the airport arrivals area, turn it on, press a few buttons and I was ready to go. The package includes the wifi box, a charger cable, power pack/box, plus instructions on how to set up


  • Data speed was excellent.
  • Real pleasure to be able to watch YouTube videos about places before visiting them, to get a sneak peak or travel tips before arriving.
  • I noticed that many wifi box or sim card services require you to deposit them at certain locations after use, which could be kind of inconvenient. Was nice that Japan Wireless included a pre-paid envelope that you just pop into any red post box.


  • A slight annoyance is having to carry around the box of course, but it’s pretty small, so can easily fit in any pocket.
  • The power does run low after lots of use. Luckily, a power bank box is included though!

So, in conclusion I was pretty happy with the Japan Wireless box, as I am the kind of person that wants to watch YouTube, listen to Spotify or use cloud services on my laptop while I’m traveling around. While there are cheaper services around, such as simple data SIM cards, I usually find that I quickly get through the data I bought and have to recharge. If you are like me, I’d definitely recommend going for Japan Wireless.

The guys at Japan Wireless were also happy for me to give a discount out to you, my lucky readers and budget travelers! Use the code below to save.

Published by Matthew Baxter

Japan travel writer and onsen addict