Cheap Long Term Stay Accommodation in Japan

Before coming to Japan, you may hear stories of the rents being some of the most expensive in the world.  While this is true for many new, luxury apartments, it really is not as tough to find a reasonable place as people say.  All our recommended sites for long term stay allow you to view the room beforehand, so check a few out to see what works for you. Prices usually increase nearer to stations, so an apartment 10-15 minutes can be significantly cheaper than one a few minutes away.  Also remember that public transportation is great in Japan, so it’s no problem if you are a few stops away from your dream destination.  It is occasionally possible to negotiate prices down in exchange for a longer contract, but often not.

Recommended Sites

Tokyo Rent

A friendly agency that offers great support for getting things such as furniture and utilities set up.  Prices are quite reasonable.  English and Russian support available.

Kimi Information Center

A great apartment agency with friendly support. Move-in cost depends on the apartment, but good deals are often available.  Also check out their free guided tours of Tokyo.


A large database of apartments and guesthouses from many different agencies. Some real bargains are available if you spend a little time searching around the site.

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