Top 5 Autumn Color Spots in Kyoto and Kansai

Just like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in the Kansai region have some great spots for viewing the colorful autumn leaves. Here are the best! Unless otherwise noted, the best time is usually Mid November to early December. 1. Kiyomizudera Temple (清水寺) In our opinion the best place in Kyoto for autumn colors, his temple becomes a hugeContinue reading “Top 5 Autumn Color Spots in Kyoto and Kansai”

Top 10 Autumn Color Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo has some great places, most free, to see the autumn colors. Unless otherwise mentioned, the time to come for autumn leaves is mid November to early December. 1. Showa Memorial Park This former military base was turned into a huge park many years ago, with so many areas to visit. There is also a traditionalContinue reading “Top 10 Autumn Color Spots in Tokyo”

Autumn Leaves Forecasts

Here are the times for the main areas in Japan for autumn leaves. For a nearby area the timings will be very similar. Enjoy some pics here. Fukuoka and Kyushu – Mid November to late November/early December Tokyo and Kamakura – Mid November to early December Osaka – Mid November to early December Kyoto – Mid November to early December Hiroshima and MiyajimaContinue reading “Autumn Leaves Forecasts”