Top Guesthouses and Hostels in Kyoto

As Kyoto is mostly still a traditional place the guesthouses and hostels continue this style, while still offering low prices. Therefore most of these recommendations, but not all, will have rooms with traditional Tamami floors and futons.   Even if this does not sound appetising, just try it for one night! Backpackers Hostel K’s HouseContinue reading “Top Guesthouses and Hostels in Kyoto”

Top Capsule Hotels In Kyoto

There are a few good capsule hotels in Kyoto and they seem to be more interesting than in other cities  If you are not familiar with them, check out our capsule hotel first experience post.  Most people don’t book a capsule, as there are usually many available.  But if you are worried, just go to the capsuleContinue reading “Top Capsule Hotels In Kyoto”

Kyoto Internet Cafe Accommodation

A great way to save money.  Starting from an around one thousand yen, internet cafes are a super cheap way to stay in the city.  Probably much more comfortable than what you are used to back home, they are often the best way to stay the night downtown.  They are also great if you haveContinue reading “Kyoto Internet Cafe Accommodation”