Toei One-Day Economy Pass

The Toei One-Day Economy Pass allows unlimited use for 1 day of the Toei transportation network, which includes a small subway network, a large bus network and a few other services. Note that the Toei subway is separate from the Tokyo Metro. What does it cost? 1 Day pass: Adults 700 yen (about $7), ChildrenContinue reading “Toei One-Day Economy Pass”

Grutto Pass

Are you into art and museums? Then this could be an awesome pass if you don’t want to spend hideous amounts of money on museum tickets. The Grutto Pass ( ぐるっとパス) provides free admission or discounts to 78 art galleries, museums, zoos and more in Tokyo. What does it cost? 2000 yen (about $16/€15) When can I useContinue reading “Grutto Pass”

JR Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass

The Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass, also known as the Tokunai Pass, allows unlimited use of JR lines (national rail) in Tokyo for one day.  Great for exploring the cities within the city that is Tokyo. What does it cost? Adults 750 yen, Children 370 yen When can I use it? Anytime. Is it worth it? AContinue reading “JR Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass”

Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket and Tokyo Subway Ticket

If you want to do loads in central Tokyo all in one day, this pass is perfect.  The Tokyo Metro Open Ticket provides unlimited travel on all Tokyo Metro lines. In addition, there is a new pass, the Tokyo Subway Ticket, that also includes use of the Toei Subway lines. What does it cost? Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket: AdultsContinue reading “Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket and Tokyo Subway Ticket”