Featured in Super Cheap New Zealand? Add our badge to your site!

Have you been featured in my New Zealand travel guide? Well, congratulations! Please add this badge to your site to tell the world!

It will hopefully impress visitors to your site and help people to learn about this super useful book. Super Cheap New Zealand is an independently published book, so a word-of-mouth promotion is really helpful for the book and very much appreciated 🙂

Just add the following text to your site:
<a href=”https://www.supercheapjapan.com/newzealandbook/“><img src=”https://supercheapjapan.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/53c9d-featured_button_300.png” alt=”Featured in the Super Cheap New Zealand budget travel book” border=”0″></a>

Or copy this image and add the link (https://www.supercheapjapan.com/newzealandbook/):